Why a physical hardcover book?


The internet has made it possible to enjoy many things from our computers and mobile phones; but there are still some things that cannot be replicated on a computer screen. A book, or an art print, resonates with the viewer in a deeper, more personal way. There is a personal investment involved by taking the time to turn the pages of a book and appreciate the tactile nature of the medium; time moves differently as you pause to admire the details in an image that you might have otherwise quickly scrolled past on a screen. This is also why FUCKING NEW YORK will not be available as a digital download.


Medusa Machina with FUCKING NEW YORK. Photo by Insuh Yoon.

FUCKING NEW YORK was conceived as a book from the very beginning. To ensure that the experience of exploring the pages matches the imagery contained inside, the book was printed in Verona, Italy, at the same facility The Metropolitan Museum of Art prints their catalogs, and whose printers are regarded as the best in the world.