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20th century playlists


  1. The Make-Up, Born on the Floor (I Want Some, K Records)

  2. Olivia Tremor Control, California Demise (Black Foliage, Animation Music Vol. 1, Blue Rose / V2)

  3. Mogwai, Waltz for Aidan (Come On Die Young, Chemikal Underground)

  4. Jim O'Rourke, Movie on the Way Down (Eureka, Domino)

  5. Built to Spill, The Plan (Keep It Like a Secret, City Slang)

  6. Sonic Youth, Washing Machine (live) (1996 bootleg)

  7. Hood, Western Housing Concerns (The Cycle of Days and Seasons, Domino)

  8. Cha Cha Cohen, He's Jet (Cha Cha Cohen, Chemikal Underground)

  9. Sebadoh, Love Is Stronger (The Sebadoh, City Slang)

  10. Aphex Twin, ΔMi−1 = −∂Σn=1NDi[n][Σj∈C{i}Fji[n − 1] + Fexti[[n−1]] (Windowlicker EP, Warp)

  11. The Leopards, Cutting a Short Dog (Bentism compilation, Creeping Bent)

  12. Prince Charming, Daydream, Do You Wanna Hit of Ketamine? (Fantastic Voyage, Wordsound)

  13. The Nectarine no. 9, Rocket no. 9 (Bentism compilation, Creeping Bent)

  14. You Fantastic!, Mono / Subtraction (Homesickness, Skin Graft)

  15. The Make-Up, Free Arthur Lee (I Want Some, K Records)

  16. Pram, Space Siren (Space Siren EP, Domino)

  17. Mogwai, Chocky (Come On Die Young, Chemikal Underground)

  18. Olivia Tremor Control, A Familiar Noise Called 'Train Detector' / Hideaway (Black Foliage, V2)

  19. Hood, September Brings the Autumn Dawn (The Cycle of Days and Seasons, Domino)

  20. Enemy Mine, The We're All Friends Club (Enemy Mine, K Records)

  21. Prince Charming, Midnight Massacre / Whoreship in the Temple (Fantastic Voyage, Wordsound)

  22. Swans, Power for Power (Filth, Young God)

  23. The Asteroid #4, Kate and the King (Introducing..., Lounge)

  24. The Make-Up, Blue Is Beautiful (I Want Some, K Records)

  25. The Land of Nod, The Land of Nod (Earthrise) (Translucent, Ochre)

  26. Cha Cha Cohen, Serpentine Slip (Cha Cha Cohen, Chemikal Underground)

  27. Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Hung Over as the Oven in Maida Vale (Peel Session recording, BBC)

  28. Con Sol, Zubi (Soledad y libertad, unreleased)

  29. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Nomadic Revery (All Around) (I See a Darkness, Domino)

  30. Built to Spill, Bad Light (Keep It Like a Secret, City Slang)