New York City is a stern mistress, but there’s just something about her that we can’t get enough of. Fine art fashion photographer Nikola Tamindzic brought together New Yorkers of all ages, shapes, sizes, social/ethnic backgrounds, and states of undress for an ongoing narrative about living in this fine city... and fucking it.

His series FUCKING NEW YORK, a cheeky spin on the relationship the city’s denizens have with the metropolis, captures take-charge, DGAF women coping a feel, licking, sucking, and writhing against fire hydrants, on police cars, with brownstone lions, along grungy sidewalks, and against filthy windows — all gorgeously shot and styled. The fucking, which plays on the city as a voyeuristic candy land, is abstract, playful, strange, beautiful, ecstatic, and occasionally downright possessed.

Tamindzic is currently seeking support on Kickstarter to turn his saucy series into a hardcover, large-format coffee table book, featuring an appearance by writer/adult performer Stoya, with words by writer Sasha Frere-Jones and artist/writer Molly Crabapple.

Read the entire Flavorwire feature by Alison Nastasi. Buy FUCKING NEW YORK on Kickstarter.