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Fresh off the press: the story I photographed for legendary French magazine Les Inrockuptibles just came out — it's an 8-page editorial, and we also landed the cover of the magazine.

Bonus: Stoya's interview is even more incendiary than usual, so get your copy for the pictures and the words. (If you read French, that is.)

Stoya cover.jpg

Makeup & hair: Jessica Padilla.
Retouching: Eye Candy.

BEAUTIFUL SAVAGE magazine fashion story, inspired by david bowie

BEAUTIFUL SAVAGE magazine fashion story, inspired by david bowie

You know you had a great day at the studio when you end up with enough great & diverse photos to make up at least two distinct fashion stories — that's what happens when you work with a model as gifted as Hannah Vandermolen, and a team to match her talents.

Two editorials, you say? It's true — this take on the story is out now, and we've put together a completely different 12-page spread for the upcoming print issue of Beautiful Savage as well.

Last but not least, David Bowie's Love Is Lost was the hidden inspiration for this story — put it on & enjoy.

Photographer: Nikola Tamindzic
Model: Hannah Vandermolen @ Trump Models

Art Director: Lexie Coon
Stylist: Valissa Yoe
Make-up: Kavita Kaul
Hair stylist: Niko Weddle
Fashion assistants: Mia Darrow Tarley & Aarron Ricks
Photo assistant: Monicka Patterson

Retouching: Eye Candy Studio

LIAR magazine cover & fashion story

LIAR magazine cover & fashion story

The brand new second issue of LIAR magazine just came out yesterday — I had the pleasure of shooting rising fashion star Tina Veshaguri for the cover of the new issue, as well as the 12-page fashion editorial inside.

Track this issue down — I'm predicting it's going to be a collectible; I'm naturally very proud of my piece, but the rest of the articles and editorials in the magazine are excellent, and absolutely worth your time & attention.

The cover & the full fashion editorial:

“A WORLD OF MY OWN” fashion story in premiere issue of LIAR magazine

“A WORLD OF MY OWN” fashion story in premiere issue of LIAR magazine

About nine months ago, creative director and founder of LIAR magazine, Christine Be, approached me to make a fashion editorial inspired by my ongoing Fucking New York project. We had a blast doing this shoot on the streets of New York City, and after the kind of delays ambitious magazines often face with their first issues, I'm finally able to share the full editorial with you. You can buy the premiere issue of LIAR at newsstands in NYC, and you can also buy it directly from their website.

Styling: Ray Oliveira
Makeup & hair: Sylvia Dimaki
Model: Clara Settje at Trump Models



First of all, can I tell you how fantastic, fun, glamourous and bullshit-free supermodel Abby Brothers is? Whatever you dreamt up as a photographer, she’ll simply take it and make it ten times better.

So! Today is the official launch of print edition of LA’s fantastic Live FAST magazine. There’s a photo spread I did with Abby in the print issue, but me & my team thought we’d go one better, so we put together a fashion film as a surprise gift for founder and creative director of Live FAST, Vivianne Lapointe. Have a look at the uncensored version above, and if for some reason you'd prefer a safe-for-work version, YouTube will take care of you.

Superstar supermodel: Abby Brothers. Editing: Vuk Mitrovic. Cinematography: David Fitt. Stylist: Lindsay Nizolek. Makeup: Alexa Gould.

“FUCKING NEW YORK” fashion story for BEAUTIFUL SAVAGE magazine

“FUCKING NEW YORK” fashion story for BEAUTIFUL SAVAGE magazine

Sometime last year, Chad Saville — the founder & editor-in-chief of Beautiful Savage magazine — approached me with the idea of turning my ongoing Fucking New York art series into a fashion editorial. Chad already had some great things to say about my work in the past, and Beautiful Savage is one of the best art/fashion magazines out there at the moment, so saying no to Chad's offer was never an option.

For those of you still interested in seeing the story in print, you'll find it in the current issue of Beautiful Savage, available at better newsstands in your city, or directly from the magazine.

My excellent team: model India Charmain, fashion stylist Rowshana Jackson, makeup artist Logan Slaughter, assistant Maureen Pitz, and retouching by Eye Candy Studio.


Unretouched previews from a fashion shoot with Marina, styled by Elena Nikolaevna.


Exactly three years ago, Sasha Frere-Jones — then the culture editor at The Daily — sent me along with intrepid reporter Zach Baron to Las Vegas. Our mission: to follow in Hunter S. Thompson's footsteps 40 years later, and report on what happened to the American Dream in the intervening years.

Today, our piece — which previously disappeared into the Great Cache in the Sky along with The Daily — has been resurrected on, along with tons of previously unpublished photos.

It's a long read — as good reads often are — so grab a drink, plop yourself in a cushy chair, and enjoy our stories of fear & self-loathing:

CATAPULT.ORG viral campaign

I’m enormously proud of the work Catapult and I did together, and hope this campaign will help draw attention to important issues women are facing today, such as forced marriage, child slavery, and forced prostitution. The campaign has been enormously successful so far, with pieces in The Guardian, Mashable, and BuzzFeed already out there. Help Catapult get the word out there, and find a women-led project to support!

Even in 2014, the rights of women and girls are severely threatened by sex trafficking, slavery, child marriage and other violations around the world. International Women’s Day, observed annually on March 8, continues to spread awareness and garner support — and change — for women across the globe.

Catapult, a crowdfunding site dedicated specifically to the advancement of women and girls, has released a startling new visual campaign in an attempt to make this year’s IWD “more than just a cover story.” The Cover Stories campaign features three mock magazine covers that highlight terrifyingly real human rights issues to push the conversation forward.

Headlines such as "The Wedding You’ll Never Forget But Wish You Could" and "Who Needs a Childhood Anyway?" float next to the young models. The cover of Good Slavekeeping pretends to cater to the human rights violators themselves, adding another dark layer to the already serious campaign.

Learn more about Cover Stories, and make a contribution.