First of all, can I tell you how fantastic, fun, glamourous and bullshit-free supermodel Abby Brothers is? Whatever you dreamt up as a photographer, she’ll simply take it and make it ten times better.

So! Today is the official launch of print edition of LA’s fantastic Live FAST magazine. There’s a photo spread I did with Abby in the print issue, but me & my team thought we’d go one better, so we put together a fashion film as a surprise gift for founder and creative director of Live FAST, Vivianne Lapointe. Have a look at the uncensored version above, and if for some reason you'd prefer a safe-for-work version, YouTube will take care of you.

Superstar supermodel: Abby Brothers. Editing: Vuk Mitrovic. Cinematography: David Fitt. Stylist: Lindsay Nizolek. Makeup: Alexa Gould.