Assume Form installation


Assume Form


ASSUME FORM is composed of color photos sourced from found motion pictures shared among users of peer-to-peer networks. Due to nature of digital encoding that enables these films to be distributed via internet, these movies are prone to corrosion and decomposition during transfer. The artist allows these shifts to happen naturally, organically — pointed words when used in digital medium — then captures these shifts, and presents them unaltered and unembellished, without retouching.

These photographs are images of unpredictability and impatient desire — they are irrational and anarchic, reflecting conflict of rationality and irrationality in modern life, switching from figuration to abstraction and back again, given form by ambitions and failures of current technology, at the same time calling back to old mediums, specifically painting and mosaics, while in this whole back & forth being firmly rooted in primal sexual unconscious.

And if human beings are agents for desires perennially in search of an object, what when the object of your desire corrodes and shifts in front of your eyes? Nothing. It's exactly true to life.

— Nikola Tamindzic, 2014