Fucking New York


Sometimes you just want to grab hold of those buildings, throw yourself at the sidewalk and ugh, ugh, ohhh. Photographer Nikola Tamindzic’s newest project Fucking New York is about fucking New York, that powerful appreciation for whatever it is that makes you tolerate this city’s many flaws and fuck-ups, that love manifesting itself physically as a series of poised sexual abstractions. It helps that Nikola’s photos are always beautiful. He makes pressing your breasts at a window look eloquent, enchanting. Hmm. Hmmmm. Hmmmmmm.
Marina Galperina, Animal New York
In his latest book, Fucking New York, Nikola Tamindzic ponders whether a New Yorker’s love for the City is the most important relationship in his or her life, asking the question to the point of absurdity: What would screwing New York City actually look like? The project evolved into distant, almost architectural, slightly removed from reality, though quietly sensual photographs — their flow broken up by in-your-face closeups and an occasional overtly humorous shot. The uncanny/unreal city feeling the images evoke are reminiscent of surrealist painter Giorgio de Chirico’s plazas, punctuated with Lynchian humor.
Frank Webster, PDN Online

Fucking New York ART installations:

“Girls! Girls! Girls!”
group show with Richard Kern, Jason Lee Parry, Kareem Black, Magdalena Wosinska, et al.
Max Fish Gallery, New York, September 2015

group show with Samantha Keely Smith, Fawad Khan & Christos Karantzolas
Wallplay Gallery, New York, April 2015

“The Classical Elements: A Photographic Interpretation”
group show with Spencer Tunick, Erica Simone, et al.
Kinfolk Gallery, Brooklyn, March 2015

“DIRTY: The Lovers' Hangover”
group show with Pasha Setrova, Reka Nyari, et al.
The Museum of Sex, New York, February 2015, group show

solo show
Dom Omladine, Belgrade, September 2013

group show with Elizabeth Waugh, Erica Simone, Natalie de Segonzac, et al.
Reverse Gallery, Brooklyn, August 2013

“Dig the New Breed”
group show
Anroy Gallery, London, September 2011
ON/OFF, Paris, October 2011

A selection of works from FUCKING NEW YORK:

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