Looking for Ambrel.net? Hate to tell you, but you missed the party.

Ambrel.net: 2004-2008, R.I.P.

“Contemporary nightlife photography started in New York with Nikola Tamindzic in early 2000s.”No Credentials documentary

Hi! Nikola Tamindzic here — I'm the guy who used to shoot all those New York nightlife photos you came here for.

Looking back, it's kinda nuts that the whole adventure in nightlife lasted only 4 years. Since 2004, when I first started posting galleries of partying New Yorkers on Ambrel.net and on Gawker, there have been over 150 archived galleries, a massive feature in The New York Times, covers of Village Voice, British Journal of Photography and Time Out New York, dozens of photos published in magazines world-wide, "Best Nightlife Photographer" awards from Village Voice, Paper, L magazine, Junk magazine, and too many copycats to count. (Hi!)

So what happened? The party peaked, and it was time to go. The timing was perfect: within three months, the stock markets tanked, and by 2010 any genuinely exciting and progressive nightlife seemed to disappear. (In fact, it just moved back underground.)

Since then, I've enjoyed an exciting career as a fashion photographer, with covers of Harper's Bazaar and many other magazines under my belt, and started a parallel career as an art photographer, with projects like FUCKING NEW YORK and AVANT-HARD.

But even now, as FUCKING NEW YORK shows in spades, those New York nights still shape what I do. And thank god for that.

— Love, Nikola